Wednesday, May 09, 2007

B A C K !

By popular demand!

..... alright, so, I'll keep drawing cartoons for now......

Even though art is self-indulgent and it doesn't really help anyone. Building houses or supporting fair trade helps people far more... but I'll keep making cartoons until something makes me want to drop it and retreat to Brazil for a while.

Until then, here's two characters I've been doodling for a bit. I need to seriously come up with designs for them, because I want to use them in an upcoming project (starting in the fall! Yea!).

They're a Time Travelling duo named Gribbit and Giblin! (Giblin's name is highly tentatvie). The images are bad photos because I don't have a scanner right now.

I tried 'im lanky.

Buuuttt I like 'im pudgy and small.

Maybe he's cool with muscles?

I didn't know what to do with his wings... so he has four wings in this drawing. Maybe he'll just not have wings anymore.

Hey kidos! Print out this sexy lass and paste her above your bed!