Thursday, November 24, 2011

Japan and stuffff

 ^I'm not trying to cop this style of presentation from my friend Tony.  The truth is that I was just too lazy to put each character in their own individual image.  Check out Tony's blog for the real deal!

^ I'm sure I've seen my pal Ryan draw something like this before.  I guess I have a habit of stealing from my friends.  You should check out the rad drawings on Ryan's rad tumblr!

I went to Japan for three weeks this past September.  I love Japan.  I kept a travel log and did a few (and I mean a few) drawings.  Here's some scans!:

^ I got that sticker from the incredible Ghibli Museum.  I cried in there a few times when the permanent exhibit reminded me of why I love animation.

^ According to the map in the 16 hour flight,  from Toronto to Tokyo,  this was my route.

 ^ Whoops!

Here's some scribbles somewhat resembling the cool Komainu I saw at a temple:

 ^ My girlfriend's mother took me to a sake museum.  There was supposed to be some sake at the end of the tour but we couldn't find any.  Though what I did find was this way-cool stamp!  A few places in Japan had stamps like this,  so I got to fill my book with cool memories.

^ I couldn't leave Japan without first finding some retro Famicom stores!  This was my poor attempt at copying some Japanese directions,  and you know what?  They saved me from getting (too) lost!