Friday, December 14, 2007

So-Long, Oakville!

A drawing that says "Hello" for an event which is clearly "Good-bye!"

Here's some caricatures given to me before my departure. (I hope you guys don't mind me posting them!):

From my very best Oakvillian pal, Amir (
Amir nails me every time! My soggy-lipped overbite is amplified to almost-realistic proportions in this drawing! If only I actually had a hat like that! The pants and sandals are dead-on, though. hardy harrr!

From my very best... ummm... From my very best Pete Emslie! A man with charm and cartooning skills far above my own! (
Pete somehow made me look younger and prettier than the mirror does. Way to go, Pete! Maybe I can score some chicks now! I know my Mom will like this one! (Right Mum?)

From my very best HongKongese pal, Lettie (

Haha This one was doodled in the corner of a fabulous card she gave me with a hug. Lettie Lo, you're a genius! Let's go on an adventure someday!!

Thanks guys! You warm my heart! =)