Friday, November 09, 2007

Peter Emslie!

HEY FOLKS! Want to see Peter Emslie draw a BABE? Head on over to Amir's blog where he has an exclusive video of Pete sharing his drawing process. MAN, that Peter sure makes it look easy!

And then head over to Pete's blog and check out his other great artwork. Don't forget to tell him how cooool he is! (not that he needs you to tell him)


Friday, November 02, 2007

Massey Hall and a little other

I had to run an errand in town today, which happened to be on the same street as Massey Hall. I happened to have my camera with me, so I decided to take a stroll over to the beautiful old building. Faaaarig! Now I'm twice as ticked off about not having tickets for any of Neil Young's THREE shows there later this month. HOW could something like this happen to me? HOW!? WHYYY!?!??

Well, I don't claim to know anything about photography -- I just like taking pictures. Harshly honest and constructive criticism is required from photographers, please! Everyone else: Shuttap and tell me you like it! Hardy harrrr!

Enjoy! =)

( ^tee hee! )