Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More old doodlesss

^ I was telling my old beloved roommate, Mel, about this fly character I have. I was thinking of him as being big enough to smoke cigars, but she was thinking of him being so small that he could only smoke cigar butts!
^ There's a lotta problems with this sucker, but I still really like the drawing. There's something good going on with it.
^I must have drawn this guy really light, because I didn't know he was there until I accidentally scanned him! I don't know why I didn't work through the drawing, and finish it. I love how his cheek is squished up against his cigar. It's kinda cute, even if he's addicted to smoking!

^Gribbit... I think I was working on making a younger version of him. Definitely not what I want, but I think it's a funny

Do you ever feel like you used to draw better than you do now? It has a lot to do with how you were thinking while drawing. I've been in many different places in the past twelve months. Here's some more from my last doodlebook!