Thursday, November 24, 2011

Japan and stuffff

 ^I'm not trying to cop this style of presentation from my friend Tony.  The truth is that I was just too lazy to put each character in their own individual image.  Check out Tony's blog for the real deal!

^ I'm sure I've seen my pal Ryan draw something like this before.  I guess I have a habit of stealing from my friends.  You should check out the rad drawings on Ryan's rad tumblr!

I went to Japan for three weeks this past September.  I love Japan.  I kept a travel log and did a few (and I mean a few) drawings.  Here's some scans!:

^ I got that sticker from the incredible Ghibli Museum.  I cried in there a few times when the permanent exhibit reminded me of why I love animation.

^ According to the map in the 16 hour flight,  from Toronto to Tokyo,  this was my route.

 ^ Whoops!

Here's some scribbles somewhat resembling the cool Komainu I saw at a temple:

 ^ My girlfriend's mother took me to a sake museum.  There was supposed to be some sake at the end of the tour but we couldn't find any.  Though what I did find was this way-cool stamp!  A few places in Japan had stamps like this,  so I got to fill my book with cool memories.

^ I couldn't leave Japan without first finding some retro Famicom stores!  This was my poor attempt at copying some Japanese directions,  and you know what?  They saved me from getting (too) lost!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Stupid Post

My niece has a Nintendo DSi with that neat little flipbook program,  so I gave it a go!  It's funny how the traceback gradually migrates to the north-east.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I am up really late.

^ I decided to buy some markers.  I didn't know what to draw so I started to make shapes and use my brush pen over them.

 ^ This one is digital.
^ This one isn't.  It was the first marker drawing,  and looks better on paper.  I stole the hairstyle right off of Faith Erin Hicks' head!  Faith is my super-talented comic artist friend and former roommate.  Check out her awesome stuff! (click her name!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things to know.

I really like mushrooms:

Frogs walk like this:

Pen doodles during class are still fun:

I stole this hat design from one of Tony's drawings. He probably stole it from someone too:

Here's a true-to-life rendition of Tony himself!:
Thanks for the wisdom, Tony. I drew a whale:

And remember:

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Old Stuff

Nothin' too exciting. Some old stuff.

^ I drew Tony's character, Mystery.
^ Then he drew my character.

Go check out Tony's blog. This guy kicks my butt weekly at figure drawing!