Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shipwrecked -or- The Marooned Maroon

We had to do a storyboard in class based on a provided 'script'... then in digital tools class, we had to make an animatic with Adobe Premiere.

I saw some fourth-year people doing some cool effects and animation with Adobe After Effects, so this animatic was an experiment to see if I could animate in Premiere. Yup, you can keyframe things pretty nicely in that ol' program. Anyway, enough chit-chat! That's the animatic I did with the storyboard panels.

(PS: Google Video totally washed out the grays, so this thing is mostly white. Sheesh.)


brockorama said...

Mitch thats awesome! Give me your knowledge NOW! Dont make me ask twice!

Anonymous said...

haha, that's so goofy and so tragic at the same time. poor maroon.


toonamir said...

Mitch, this is pure cartoon!
Done so well to the music, the poses and animation are really pushed and ruberry. I love the cutting of the tree, the bounces, the pipe and the hat. Entertaining to the fullest.

p.maestro said...

dude! didja see it! didja see it! it was freakin awesome! right from laurence fishburne to the "i love being a turtle!" ok, actually i hated hearing that line, as much as i hated hearing casey jones mutter a line to april about telling leo about "the turtles." it's like being slapped in the face by the truth. that i'm completely and absolutely won over by shit created for shildren. Shildren!!! or is it? i mean, as The Coast movie critic, Mark Palermo, states, they could've made the same movie but a bunch shittier and still made the money from nostalgic 20-somethings and family minded parents. but they actually made stuff look awesome.

anyway, i give it my kudos. you must've seen it. you must've!

also, man that cuppacoffee contest is so lame! just like the one Fatkat put on out in miramichi NB, ('cept that one was open only to employees)

man. what a friggin jerk a derk thing to try to pull.

anyway, hope you're funnin with the school.

Sam Bradley said...

Hey Mitch,

This is nice. It's weird how much the assignments have changed over the past couple years - we definitely didn't do anything similar. The story is pretty funny. It exists in bubble gum comic form somewhere. Double Bubble or Bazooka Joe, or something like that. That might even be where it originated from, i'm not sure.

I'm impressed you managed to do the whole thing in premiere too.. after spending as much time as I have animating in after effects, any time i need to do anything remotely requiring keyframes in premiere i end up grinding my teeth for the next half an hour. I don't think anyone actually uses the software anywhere, other than at Sheridan.. haha.

Anyway, hope the last few weeks of school treat you well, i'll see ya around.

Anonymous said...

what was the thing that popeye pulled out of the box?

Mandy said...

Haha, that was really entertaining 8) I liked how you anthro-ized the shark.