Tuesday, April 03, 2007

T-Shirt Design

There was a t-shirt design contest for the animation program here at Sheridan. This design of mine made the top ten, but it didn't win. Some of the faculty almost picked up after, but that didn't happen either. Too bad -- it would have been funny to see the BAA staff with drunken animals on their shirts!

I still like the design. After a few drawing adjustments I might put it on a shirt for myself. Enjoy! =)


R.A. MacNeil said...

hahah. Nice man I like it.


Jinny said...

Congrats on making the top 10 designs Mitch!! haha.. mm for me the t-shirt design i wanted to win didn't win in the end either.. ahh...!!! *totally relates with the 4 year flour sac transformation*

toonamir said...

Its a really cool design, Wish it had won.

Anonymous said...

heh i'd love that on a shirt, cept without all that sheridan junk on it.