Friday, December 14, 2007

So-Long, Oakville!

A drawing that says "Hello" for an event which is clearly "Good-bye!"

Here's some caricatures given to me before my departure. (I hope you guys don't mind me posting them!):

From my very best Oakvillian pal, Amir (
Amir nails me every time! My soggy-lipped overbite is amplified to almost-realistic proportions in this drawing! If only I actually had a hat like that! The pants and sandals are dead-on, though. hardy harrr!

From my very best... ummm... From my very best Pete Emslie! A man with charm and cartooning skills far above my own! (
Pete somehow made me look younger and prettier than the mirror does. Way to go, Pete! Maybe I can score some chicks now! I know my Mom will like this one! (Right Mum?)

From my very best HongKongese pal, Lettie (

Haha This one was doodled in the corner of a fabulous card she gave me with a hug. Lettie Lo, you're a genius! Let's go on an adventure someday!!

Thanks guys! You warm my heart! =)


Lettie said...

hahaha.. :) cant believe u scanned it! that cant be called a characiture........

and .. hongkongnese? haha awesome...
i guess ur cape bretonian. :)

Darren Rothmetti said...

It's nice to see that.
The Amir one is hilarious...and so true.

I wonder what science people would give other science people who were going away...graduate school handbook 2008/2009? I have no idea.

Wow...I'm just stuffing my face with bread and tea, trying to keep chill because those lectures aren't getting enough. Pitiful brain, that is why. Anyway, just procrastinating.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Hey Mitch,

These drawings are great. You have some talented friends.

Are going to be in CB over the holiday? If so, shoot me an email, we can get a coffee and try and find some vegetarian food.


enzo avolio said...

Mitch very sad to see you go.
Always enjoy the humour in your work.

Must keep in touch via the Blogger.