Friday, February 06, 2009

Agahbagagah 2

That drawing was bad! I deleted the post that used to be here, and replaced it with the following:

^Ryan was drawing a bucket one evening... so I did too. Inspired by playing not enough MegaMan 9.

^A poor drawing, but it makes me chuckle... so it's not really that bad of a drawring, is it?

^Gribbit with a 'stache. hehe^Trying to figure out some Critter construction...^Trying to redesign BoltMan for a little sompthin' sompthin'.

PS: Cave Story is an awesome game. It's coming out for WiiWare sometime soon!! Woohoo!

PPS: A bubble tea store is finally opening up here -- and on the way to work, too!


Nico said...

hey man Thanks for the nice comment about my Skadi comic! I wanted to come here and say i like your cat character a lot, nice construction and very loose and fun feel!

Lettie Lo said...

either are u!!!!!! : P

Pavel Jakubec said...

Very nice!

Holly Yerkie said...

I like Gribbit with a 'stache. Makes him loo like an old policeman :p

Rick Roberts said...

I demand your bucket gets a feature film.