Thursday, May 14, 2009


^Original animation cel from the 1986 animated series BoltMan and the Clean Power Crew!.... (brush-penned an old, old doodle of BoltMan. Coloured in Phrotoslop.)

^A going-away card for a friend. (pen and brush pen)
^Mummer's Day! (Coloured this sucker with CRAYONS! 64 pack with built in sharpener!)
^The rough of a birthday card I made for a friend. The final version was inked with a brush pen.


Art Fan Ako said...

The recipients of these cards were all smiles I bet! Adorable art!

David Germain said...

I love how the frog commemorates Meg's leaving with a dance. Well done.

Anonymous said...

That mother's day card is cute. The crayon adds a nice touch (and your 64 pack kicks my 10 pack's ass!) to it.

Hope everybody enjoyed them thar cards thar.

meg said...

I love my frog card :)

Holly Yerkie said...

Awe, how sweet! Everyone should hand make their cards. i just sent my mother some olive oil.

Love 'em, as always!

R.A. MacNeil said...

I really like the mothers day card.


Katie said...

WHOA, you are pretty much frog-master. I love all the frogs in this post, and the one before too!

Mitch K said...

@Art Fan Ako: My friends loved their cards! I'm glad.

@Dave: Wouldn't you dance, too!?

@J.R.: The crayons looked so much better in person!

@Meg: YAY! :D

@Holly, my dear pal: I always hand make my cards! You can start doing it too. That's the best part about being a "professional artist"!

@R-Type: My mum liked it too. Maybe I should have made one for your mom!

@Kaitie: I love frogs!! And your awesome girly drawings!!

Thanks everyone! :D

Amir Avni said...

BoltMan's great! I love the bear too!