Sunday, April 03, 2011

I am up really late.

^ I decided to buy some markers.  I didn't know what to draw so I started to make shapes and use my brush pen over them.

 ^ This one is digital.
^ This one isn't.  It was the first marker drawing,  and looks better on paper.  I stole the hairstyle right off of Faith Erin Hicks' head!  Faith is my super-talented comic artist friend and former roommate.  Check out her awesome stuff! (click her name!)


R.A. MacNeil said...

Cool stuff mitch. I really like the first page. Markers are fun, I should dust mine off.

Tony Mitchell said...

Man great work.My favorite is still that red foot!!

enzo avolio said...

This work is speaking my language!

Mitch K said...

YEA Dust yours off, Ryan!

Haha Tony. It's kinda cool, I guess.

Enzo! Good to see you back on the blogosphere! (Yes, I just used that word)

Justin said...

Hey Mitch, you have some rad stuff on here as well. Digging those colored shape heads! I will keep checking back for sure.