Friday, November 02, 2007

Massey Hall and a little other

I had to run an errand in town today, which happened to be on the same street as Massey Hall. I happened to have my camera with me, so I decided to take a stroll over to the beautiful old building. Faaaarig! Now I'm twice as ticked off about not having tickets for any of Neil Young's THREE shows there later this month. HOW could something like this happen to me? HOW!? WHYYY!?!??

Well, I don't claim to know anything about photography -- I just like taking pictures. Harshly honest and constructive criticism is required from photographers, please! Everyone else: Shuttap and tell me you like it! Hardy harrrr!

Enjoy! =)

( ^tee hee! )


Jose said...

wait: so you took these photos? some pretty great looking stuff.

i'm always in moments where i think "crap, i wanna photograph this, film it, something". but never can since i don't own a camera.


roz said...

dang those are nice! im gonna steal them for refrence useage....that is...if you dont mind

also, i will try to bully sam more hahah

J.E.Daniels said...

Those are great shots!
I should try to take more black and white shots....

Mark Mayerson said...

Sorry to bug you here, Mitch, but I need to talk to you. Email me or come find me.

Anonymous said...

hey mitch! love your photographs~~ i really like how you're trying to achieve high contrast, always an eye catcher~ at the same time, i believe that perhaps you should try controlling the amount of light in some of your photos, the blinding light totally white-outs some of the beautiful subtle light greys that would be there if it were not as blinding. for instance the shot where you have a streak of light on the garbage can along the tall passage way [union station?] or the upshot of victory st.? and especially the shot of the street [i stopped the designs?] because a street like that would be a treasure trove of awesome mix of tones. anyway, it's understandable cause most of these [if not all] were taken in broad daylight so you can't help but get so much light, [smaller aperture, faster shutter speed?] my personal faves are the ones of the pigeons [u really sucked out all the tones possible on that wall. soooo nice] and the upshot of the fire escape. awesome level of contrast, controlled but not flat, nice dynamic composition, and overall i like them. your compositions tho are great!! love how you framed these places!! sorry if i sounded like a know-it-all, not that good of a photographer myself, and still an amateur... but i love high contrast too~ and in photography i learned, there is such thing as 'too much' :( but nonetheless, awesome stuff mitch!!! :)