Friday, November 09, 2007

Peter Emslie!

HEY FOLKS! Want to see Peter Emslie draw a BABE? Head on over to Amir's blog where he has an exclusive video of Pete sharing his drawing process. MAN, that Peter sure makes it look easy!

And then head over to Pete's blog and check out his other great artwork. Don't forget to tell him how cooool he is! (not that he needs you to tell him)



Kelly Lynn said...

Well, look at who I found!! :P
Awesome stuff hun! Hope to see you sometime soon!!
Kelly Lynn

Braden said...

they make word verification for these postings so damn hard. Anyways sweeeeeeeeet fucking vid man, amir told me about it a few days prior. Nice camera work, have you ever considered directing live action? ;) hahahahaha seriously though, youve done the world a favour with this video.