Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Oh Sven!!

I think I'm going to give this blog a nice facelift, and then post more (good stuff). In the meantime, here's the first two drawings of '07! Placemat caricatures of two of my pals! =)


toonamir said...

Yay, an Update!
Love the funny faces.

Thomps said...

happy new year Mitch
I really like the sketch you've done of your friend Tanya

Sabrina Paulin said...

Happy New Year Mitch

Well its about time you posted stuff! Kewl quick sketches.
Sketch more!

pinky said...

all I can say, is nice stuff man!!
And its really nice to see people from the east coast come to suffer in oakville to do animation hehe... Cape bretton was Beautiful. Its hard to believe that ontarion and nova scotia are the same country!!!

Mitch K said...

Amir -- Haha Yea, those two are good pals of mine. I wish I could draw well enough to draw all my friends... maybe in April. Until then, I'll just have to practice on my lovely Oakville pals... so watch out! You're next!

Thomps -- Yea, Tanya is cool beans. It doesn't look like her as much as it feels like her. That's the stare I get from her when I make a bad joke.

Sabrina -- GAHHHD!

Pinky -- YES EAST COAST YEA! Thomps up there is an east-coaster too. He's a Newfie! The best kind of east coaster, of course! He's also taken on the task of learning animation in that grey little town of Oakville. Geeze, we maritimers sure are building a strong army! I hope to meet you sometime -- you're cool and your artwork is fantastic!