Saturday, January 06, 2007

So long, Cape Breton!

WELL, it's that time of year again when I leave my home and venture to that smoggy little town of Oakville. School is a-callin' my name, so I'm posting these past pictures of my wonderful homeland before I leave it. Enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! =)


Sabrina Paulin said...

Hey there Mitch

Wow looking at these pictures are awesome. I miss Cape Breton. Oh my god did I just admit to that! Ha ha I guess I did! Its such a beautiful place with kewl people!
Anywho enjoy the smog! YaY.!~


Mitch K said...

Heyooo Sabrina! Of COURSE you miss Cape Breton! How could anyone not??

New Brunswick is beautiful too, though. I love SACKVILLEEEEEE!!!

Bpoirier said...

hey man! I know this isnt really relevant to your photos, (which are I must say, really nice), but if you want to draw better, the only way to do that is to draw more. Break out of your comfort zone and try drawing things and only things you hate drawing, dont normally draw, or havent tried drawing before. Landscapes, objects, non cartoons, study other artists ,and the way they place line, tone, the colours they use etc. Study life, and the way people interact, study movies study everything. Simply put, build up that visual library that is so key. Take your time on drawings, start giving every drawing 110%, and that, my friend, is how you get better. :D Shit i hope this made sense, i just ramble man. Talk to me in class sometime, and ill try to explain better, or if your curious about anything any processes just ask.

Mitch K said...

Haha Yea, I know how it's done. I was just complimenting you on your fantastic skills. Thanks for the advice, though. I'm guessing that you have a theory or two about things, eh? heh heh Do share!

Mitch K said...

PS: You should post your theories on your blog!

Anonymous said...

man, looks like a beautiful place. i wanna see it someday.


toonamir said...

Beautiful place, AND beautiful new Layout!
ELIOT, Mitch and I went to Toronto last night, you were missed!!
How are you liking Portland, Bud?

Anonymous said...

hey amir! portland is awesome! if you're ever out here you totally have a place to crash. it's a great town. i put up some pictures at

i heard you guys went in to reg's! man, i miss going in watching all his cool videos with you guys. that was a lotta fun. what'd you guys see?

ps: mitch your new layout is slick-o-rama.


toonamir said...

We watched a bunch of Fleischer Screen Songs, and also some Betty Boop and Popeye, it was fun. would be more awesome with you, though.

Your new place looks great! I remember that poster from the living room...If I'm ever in Portland, I'll definitely crash!