Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mega Post

This post may not actually be very big, but it has Megaman, so it's certainly a MEGA POST!

I guess you could call these first few images 'concept work'. I have an idea in my noggin' about a silly stupid small short film I want to make. The story is pretty lame, but I want to do it anyway to prove to myself that I can actually complete a film! Maybe I should go for it. Wuddya think? Bah, I don't need your filthy answers! I can make up my own friggin' mind!

Anyway, after the few pieces of 'concept art', there's a slew of doodles I collected while doing a nice clean of my room. You get to see them before I store or throw them away. Enjoy this stuff!

(I don't know why there's a chick on this drawing... but it's a chick, so whynot?)

I scratched these down during first semester when Enzo used to make us caricature the tardy students. Even though they're terrible drawings, they still oddly look like the people, so it's fun to put 'em up:

One cartoon night my buddy Amir was trying to describe some kid for some reason... I doodled what came to my mind, which was apparently very far from what the dude actually looked like:

Pffttt.... ?

I remember doodling this guy while doing the inkings you'll find below. I hated this drawing at the time, but now I absolutely love it. Look at his ear! This drawing is awesome. I want every drawing I ever do to make me laugh like this one does:

My old roommate thought it'd be funny to say that my last girlfriend was pregnant. I thought it would be funny to act like she actually was. He didn't think that part was too funny.:
I doodled this baby in character design class around the begining of the year. I don't like it now at all, but I liked it at the time, so here she is!:

Ugh..... ???

Here's some inkings I did when I first bought my fantastic brush pen a few months ago. Although I was still getting used to handling the thing, I rather like how the lines came out on some of them. Sorta raw, sorta refined.


toonamir said...

Hey I think I recognize those caricatures: Adam, Kyle and Limal?
I don't remember who I was describing that night, but it turned out to be a cool design.
you're getting a grip on the brush (literally) the rounded guy with the pointy ears looks very cool.
The "pregnancy?" expression is funny! and that redhead looks familiar...

Fun post!

Anonymous said...

if your idea for the film is the same as the one you were telling me about, you should go for it!

if it's changed, i shall have to review the changes before i can allow you to proceed. please fill out the appropriate paperwork and have it on my desk by monday morning.

good post though! i like to see new stuff! that pregnancy thing wasn't funny though, haha. although at the time it seemed like anything was possible.

hey are you ever gonna post those skull pictures? haha. i'm gonna keep pestering you till you do :)


Josh Lieberman said...

I look at a lot of blogs, and see of people who draw... not so well. I like your stuff a lot.

Braden said...


Year o the MITCH!

Nice huuuge update man! bout time we saw a sample of the genius himself!! Awesome caricatures man, I recognized everyone of them right away. I wish enzo still did that. Some sweet designs dude, great expressions too! Something I still struggle with is pushing my expressions, you seem to do it with ease man! Looking forward to seeing more!

Q said...

Among all the wonderful drawings, I must say the tiny sausage makes me laugh.